The history of Château of Batz

Records show there was a square watchtower in the place named Batz as early as the 13th century. It is unclear which is older: the tower or the village of Castillon-Debats, whose name has changed over the years. This was the cradle of the « Lords of Batz de Castillon », a family that no longer exists.

The most famous member was undoubtedly Manaud III de Batz Leaumont, Lord of Batz, Suberbies, and Sainte Cristie. He distinguished himself at the siege of Eauze, where he saved the life of King Henri IV, who wrote him two thank you letters in which he referred to him as « the mower » because of his swordplay (Tarbes archives). Manaud’s son, Hercule, died childless in 1650.

The château was purchased by Du Lin de Marsan family, and then on 20 June 1732 by François de Ferragut-Montus, whose descendant lives there today.

Batz suffered during the French Revolution. The château was enlarged and restored during the 19th century by successive owners, primarily determined ladies who fought to maintain, protect, and pass on this beautiful house.