Hunting holiday

  • Vic-Fezensac Gers 32 hiver
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  • Vic-Fezensac Gers 32 bois


Hunting holiday in France

From September to February, Château de Batz, located in the heart of the Gers, offers hunting holidays combining outdoor sport and fine meals in a dining room with a fireplace. Nature lovers, hikers, and hunting parties will feel right at home in this unique and varied setting far from any city.

The estate features game such as thrushes, wild ducks, wild boar, deer, and hare. In addition, Château de Batz can release pheasants or partridges on request.

  • Accommodation for 2 nights, with 2 breakfasts
  • 4 meals, including one gourmet meal
  • Free hunting access on all 200 hectares (fields, forests, and lake)
    – Per hunter : 550 €
  • Non-hunting companion sharing the room
    – Per person : 250 €
  • The estate has :
    – Deer (season lasts from June to February)
    – Wild boar, hare, and thrushes
    – Wild duck and teal


  • Release of pheasants or partridges